E-Mobility Applications for EV OEMS

E-Mobility Applications

M&C – Stokvis is at the forefront of the development and production of converted adhesive materials for battery packs, modules and charging stations for the E-mobility industry, a relatively new market characterized by a wide array of product applications and associated R&D activities. OEMs seeking to develop, test, and commercialize better-performing battery modules and packs for their electric vehicles (EVs) benefit from our established expertise in the development, manufacture, and supply of state-of-the-art converted sealing, insulating, conducting, bonding, and absorbing materials. M&C Specialties is a major converter of these materials, primarily serving the Tier 1 suppliers that assemble battery packs and modules for the leading EV OEMs. In addition, we can supply these products directly to OEMs that wish to obtain cost savings and production control benefits connected with the in-house assembly of battery packs.

What separates M&C – Stokvis from other converters of these types of materials is the global reach we enjoy as a subsidiary company of ITW—a $14.1 billion, Fortune 200, global manufacturing leader with operations in approximately 55 countries. With global EV platforms being assembled across multiple manufacturing locations, M&C– Stokvis is uniquely positioned to supply the solutions locally, thereby offering customers a substantial advantage in terms of logistics (international/cross-continental) supply chain efficiencies and quality control. A world-class converter, contract manufacturer, and fabricator of adhesive tapes, components, and related finished products, M&C leverages its Continuous Partner Involvement model to offer breakthrough product development, clean room/white room engineering and manufacturing, and supply chain services. Our production capabilities include inline laser die cutting, rotary die cutting, flat-bed die cutting, laminating, spooling, slitting, printing, and laser cutting.

As the North American brand of ITW’s Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Components global division, we supply proprietary converted self-adhesives under such brand names as StokSeal and StokTherm to the EV battery market, among other industries. Additionally, through cooperation with our sister company ITW Formex, M&C– Stokvis offers a range of ITW Formex® electrical insulating materials for use in EV battery modules and packs.

At M&C – Stokvis, our global team of engineers develop adhesive solutions from the ground up, beginning with the selection of materials that meet or exceed the most exacting customer specifications. In addition to our unmatched expertise in materials selection, M&C– Stokvis adds value to these materials by offering custom features tailored to our customers’ production processes and storage methods.

Products for Electric Vehicle Battery Modules & Packs

M&C Specialties’ main product lines for the E-mobility battery market include the following:

  • Thermal management adhesives & pads
  • Electrical & thermal insulators
  • Cell expansion spacers
  • Sealing & cushioning
  • Flame resistant barrier (FRB) insulators
  • Sealing connectors & covers

Thermal management adhesives and pads are used as cooling elements between heat-generating components in battery packs. These compressible, conformable, UL-listed materials typically exhibit a high degree of dielectric strength while providing the required heat conductivity, heat management, and electrical insulation properties for this application area. Our expertise in electrical and thermal insulating products also include radio-frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding materials, as well as thermal Interface Materials (TIM). Typically fabricated from high-performance foam, cell expansion spacers display enhanced compression and recovery attributes that prevent battery cell deformation caused by expansion and shrinkage during charging and discharging cycles. For EV battery sealing and cushioning applications, we supply a broad range of gasketing and related materials that effectively prevent leakage and reduce vibration. We also convert flame resistant barrier (FRB) insulators that offer enhanced ignitability resistance for electrical flame barrier end uses. Furthermore, M&C– Stokvis manufactures battery sealing connectors and covers used in the protection of critical battery components.

Other Products for Electric Vehicles

Though one of the many benefits of electric motors is their quiet operation in comparison to traditional combustion engines, EV drivetrain engineers are still faced with design challenges related to acoustic performance, including issues that arise from the lack of masking noise produced by those traditional combustion engines. In addition to offering converted adhesive products for battery modules and packs, M&C– Stokvis develops and manufacture acoustic absorption components utilized in underhood EV applications, as well as in doors, windows, air vents, and other EV systems.

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