Custom Converting and Contract Manufacturing

Unique materials, unique capabilities to convert them and validated manufacturing processes end-to-end provide results for the simplest components as well as the most demanding medical device and diagnostic applications.

M&C Specialties brings unique focus to the specific markets we serve as a converter, contract manufacturer and global logistics partner for adhesive flexible materials. That focus, Continuous Partner Involvement, and the broad, deep engineering and technology experience behind them, deliver value-added solutions tailored to cost, quality, complexity, compliance and reliability to meet each customer challenge.

Why choose M&C?

Leveraging our global strength, our Continuous Partner Involvement (CPI) approach and clear market focus, M&C Specialties delivers high-value, solutions-driven results. What does this mean for you?

Materials Expertise & Partnerships

We have decades of experience with access, pricing and support utilizing a global value stream. This means higher product quality, tailored product solutions and a shorter time to market.

Design & Production Capabilies

We provide problem-solving solutions for high-precision manufacturing with environmental control and value-added converting. This means higher product quality, tailored product solutions and a shorter time to market.

Quality & Compliance Certifications

We validate all of our manufacturing processes and have extensive ISO quality certifications. This guarantees tailored quality assurance practices and a comprehensive quality/compliance cycle.

After-Sales Logistics Support

With our global warehousing we can provide inventory management and supply chain support, giving our customers the option of long-lead-time inventory availability and local supply chain flexibility.



True Partnership for Innovation

Relentless focus in specific markets translates to deep understanding of unique demands and needs as well as cross-market innovation, so engineering and technical teams can partner with you to get to market faster with products optimized to enhance performance.

From concept and materials selection, to design and prototyping, to production and global logistics support, our Continuous Partner Involvement process can bring eight decades of materials and engineering expertise anywhere in the customer’s process.

How can we help?

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