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M&C Specialties was founded as a government surplus distributor


200 Fortune 200 Companies


Over 500 converting technologies

Vision, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit have solidified M&C’s role as a trusted manufacturer and partner for leading Fortune 500 companies. Today, M&C is the North American brand of ITW’s Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Components global division. Alongside Stokvis Tapes, M&C leverages the resources of a $14 Billion Fortune 200 company.

As a global converter, contract manufacturer and fabricator of adhesive tapes, components and finished products, M&C maintains production, clean room/white room and engineering facilities. Through the implementation of our proven Continuous Partner Involvement model, we offer breakthrough product development, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain services.

Our History

Founded in Philadelphia in 1945 as a distributor of U.S. government surplus adhesives
M&C rapidly established a culture of innovation, first partnering with 3M in 1950
Provided components for IBM mainframe computers
Sent components with NASA astronauts to the moon
Provided solutions for early cellular phone technology
Provided components on the first microprocessors
Partnered in the commercialization of glucose monitoring technology
Implemented a unique solution for digital touchscreen display development, Molecular diagnostics
Partnered on early-stage electric vehicle battery development
Today and beyond
Innovated advances in point-of-care diagnostics

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We are not a transactional vendor. We desire to be a genuine partner, collaborating with you at any stage in the product development process — whether you are on the ground floor of your project or at the finish line putting on the finishing touches. What we bring to the table as an innovator in the converting and contract manufacturing space is our longevity and collaborative approach. To learn more about partnering with us, complete our form and we will follow up with you. Customer service and reliability are more than value statements to M&C, they are the backbone of our business. We hope to speak with you soon.

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