Acoustic & NVH Applications for Automotive OEMs & Tier Suppliers

Acoustic & NVH Applications

Today’s drivers and passengers take optimal comfort and enhanced ergonomics for granted as part of the driving experience. An important aspect of this experience is interior acoustics and NVH reduction. Whether listening to their favorite music, getting caught up on the news via the radio, or speaking on a paired mobile device, drivers value quiet vehicle operation now more than ever. E-mobility, in particular, creates new engineering challenges that fall into this category. The absence of a relatively loud, conventional combustion engine forces drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) to hear other bothersome or otherwise undesirable sounds produced by the vehicle—sounds that traditional combustion powertrains usually mask. As such, absorption pads, fleeces, foams, felts, foam/fleece composites, tapes, and related materials that contribute to optimal sound deadening and vibration damping in door/trim, trunk, headliner, interior trim, console, instrument panel, dashboard, engine-side, and other high-temperature underhood applications are in high demand for today’s new automobiles.

M&C – Stokvis is a leading supplier of converted materials for managing automotive acoustics and related NVH end uses. This application area represents a cornerstone of our automotive business, where we have industry-leading engineering, materials, and converting expertise. As a subsidiary company of ITW—a $14.1 billion, Fortune 200, global manufacturer present in 20 countries—we enjoy a global reach that most converters of such products do not have, allowing us to offer customers cost-saving advantages in terms of international/cross-continental logistics, supply chain efficiencies, and quality control. M&C – Stokvis mainly supplies automotive acoustic management and related NVH converted materials to Tier suppliers that supply OEMs; in addition, we can supply these products directly to OEMs, thereby offering cost reduction and production control benefits associated with in-house assembly.

A world-class converter, contract manufacturer, and fabricator of fleeces, acoustic foam, and other sound dampening materials, M&C – Stokvis leverages its Continuous Partner Involvement model to offer breakthrough product development, clean room/white room engineering and manufacturing, and supply chain services. Our production capabilities in the area of automotive acoustic management and NVH reduction include ultrasonic welding, heat welding, and cold welding (self-clicking).

Products for Automotive Acoustic & NVH Applications

Our proven expertise in converted materials for automotive acoustic management and related NVH applications extends to the following product areas:

  • Acoustic absorption pads in doors
  • Trunk absorption pads
  • Rear window trim/extensions
  • Absorptive acoustic dash mats
  • Headline absorbers
  • Air vent absorptive ultrasonic welded pads

M&C – Stokvis converts and supplies a number of premium off-the-shelf materials, among them our own world-class proprietary products. Our extensive portfolio of products for automotive acoustic and NVH applications spans the following items:

  • Acoustic fleece
  • NVH materials
  • Thermally bonded Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) fiber fleeces
  • Blended Polypropylene (PP) & Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) fiber fleeces
  • Fiber felts
  • Open cell foams
  • Semi-close cell foams
  • Rebounded foams
  • Butyl constrained tapes
  • Foam tapes
  • Shock absorption nitrile foams
  • Visco-elastic double or single coated adhesive tapes
  • Velour and flock tapes
  • Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene tape
  • Sandwich foam and fleece composites
  • Transparent polyurethane (PUR) tapes
  • Low-fogging adhesives
  • Protective films

Proprietary Branded Products

Among M&C – Stokvis’s proprietary branded products for the automotive acoustic management market are StokLite and StokPad. Produced in thicknesses ranging from 12mm to 25mm and offered in three main weight grades, StokLite is an ultra microfiber noise-absorbing material that features a layered construction: 100% polypropylene (PP) cover scrims on both sides, 55% PP ultra microfibers, and 45% polyester staple. This hydrophobic, high-porosity, self-extinguishing product exhibits enhanced acoustic absorption properties due to the fine diameter (0.3 to 10 microns) of the ultra microfibers used in its construction. Automotive acoustic control end uses for StokLite include door trim, package trays, pillar trim, instrument panels, headliners, wheel guards, cowl side trim, and luggage side trim for conventional, electric, and hybrid-electric vehicles.

StokPad comprises a range of sound-absorbing fleeces typically made from spunbond PP and thermally bonded polyethylene terephthalate (PET). These hydrophobic, self-extinguishing, low-weight, self-adhesive products are easy to convert and supplied in a variety of colors. Automotive interior applications for StokPad fleeces include door components, headliners, pillars, dashboards, trunk sides and floors, package trays, cowl side trim, instrument panels, air ducts, and filter boxes. Furthermore, StokPad fleeces are suitable for certain exterior automotive end uses, among them wheel arches and bumper pads.

Custom-Engineered Solutions for Automotive Acoustic & NVH Applications

If your automotive acoustic management or NVH reduction application requires a custom-engineered solution, M&C – Stokvis engineers can provide materials that meet and/or exceed the most exacting acoustic specifications without adding weight to your automotive designs. Beginning with the acoustic target for your unique application, our engineers engage in material selection, impedance tube measurement, alpha cabin testing, and other related testing and QA procedures—whatever it takes to identify the perfect material for your end use. Not only do we select high-performance materials according to specific acoustic targets, but we ensure that the final delivered product exhibits the strictest customer-defined weight, thermal, electrical insulative, and other specifications.

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