Materials, Engineering & Logistics

At M&C, we understand that material selection, engineering and logistics support must work in lockstep.

While the process of custom converting may seem simple — selecting a material and engineering it to a specific format for further processing — the true scope and potential impact on manufacturing operations is much more complex. When choosing a custom converter, you need a partner that deeply understands materials and converting techniques and how they connect to logistics, warehousing, and of course, quality.

M&C has the materials, the engineering capabilities and the logistics expertise to execute your project to the highest quality, no matter the complexities or industry specifications.



Superior engineering capabilities and cutting-edge materials don't mean anything without consistent quality in the converting process. Our quality team works with each customer to determine exactly how to apply our extensive quality control system with all the required certifications to match the exact needs of each application.

We deliver experience and familiarity with verified and validated manufacturing processes to bring your products to market with confidence.


Our Quality Policy

It is the policy of M&C Specialties Company to produce and deliver to our customers products that meet or exceed their expectations and requirements. Our goal is superior performance in safety, quality, delivery, compliance, reliability as well as cost. This is achieved through continuous improvement to our quality system.


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We are not a transactional vendor. We desire to be a genuine partner, collaborating with you at any stage in the product development process — whether you are on the ground floor of your project or at the finish line putting on the finishing touches. What we bring to the table as an innovator in the converting and contract manufacturing space is our longevity and collaborative approach. To learn more about partnering with us, complete our form and we will follow up with you. Customer service and reliability are more than value statements to M&C, they are the backbone of our business. We hope to speak with you soon.

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