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Been There. Done That. Worldwide (and Beyond).

Founded in Philadelphia in 1945 as a distributor of U.S. government surplus adhesives, M&C rapidly established a culture of innovation, as a partner for 3M beginning in 1950. In the 8 decades since, M&C has:

  • provided components for IBM mainframe computers
  • sent components with NASA astronauts to the moon
  • provided solutions to early cellular phone technology
  • provided components on the first microprocessors
  • partnered in the commercialization of glucose monitoring technology
  • implemented a unique solution for digital touchscreen display development
  • partnered on early-stage electric vehicle battery development
  • innovated advances in point of care diagnostics fields

Vision, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit have solidified M&C’s role as a trusted manufacturer and partner for leading Fortune 500 companies. Today, M&C is the North American brand of ITW’s Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Components global division. Alongside Stokvis Tapes, M&C leverages the resources of a $14 Billion Fortune 200 company.

As a global converter, contract manufacturer and fabricator of adhesive tapes, components and finished products, M&C maintains production, clean room/white room and engineering facilities.

Through the implementation of our proven Continuous Partner Involvement model, we offer breakthrough product development, engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain services.


We take 3M's industry-leading adhesive technologies and add our own expertise to turn them into custom converted parts that are perfect for your design.

About M&C

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