Manufacturer of Custom Thermal Management Solutions

M&C Specialties is one of the world’s leading converters, contract manufacturers, and fabricators of Thermally Conductive Interface Materials (TIMs). TIMs are essential components of efficient thermal management systems found in various electronics products. TIM options from M&C Specialties include adhesive tapes and thermal pads in acrylic or silicone varieties. We have the experience and expertise to select the most perfectly matched materials to meet the requirements for your most complex electronics applications. Types of Thermal Interface Materials

Adhesive Tapes

Thermally conductive adhesive tapes serve a dual purpose by providing a desirable thermal management profile while also contributing to the mechanical stability of a product. These tapes are used to adhere to such products as LED lights, vehicle lighting, and agricultural lighting to heat sink surfaces. Here at M&C Specialties, we manufacture thermally conductive adhesive tapes to the most precise thicknesses and widths of our customer specs. Our products can be delivered pre-cut to maximize the utilization of the raw material, effectively reducing cost and cutting down on waste.

Thermally Conductive Interface Pads

We make TIMs in acrylic and silicone varieties. Acrylic and Silicone-based pads are softer and used as a gap filler to compensate for tolerances and can be compressed up to 60% to conform to the surface to maximize heat transfer from components or larger heat sources. Our products can be delivered pre-cut to optimize the utilization of the raw material, effectively reducing cost and cutting down on waste.

Silicone-based pads:

  • Converted from a slightly tacky silicone elastomeric sheet filled with thermally conductive ceramic particles
  • Efficiently transfer heat from heat-generating components to heat sinks and cooling devices, improving reliability, and extending the component’s life
  • The soft pads conform to uneven substrates, providing excellent wetting out to fill gaps for improved thermal performance
  • Feature a supportive layer for enhanced handling, workability, puncture resistance, and flexibility for reworking materials
  • Exhibit powerful thermal management properties for applications in various market segments

Acrylic-based pads:

  • Non-silicone thermal conductive pads use soft acrylic as a base material which is filled with thermally conductive ceramic powder
  • Conform to uneven substrates, providing excellent wettability to fill gaps for superior thermal performance
  • Naturally low-tack layer that offers easy handling for pre-assembly and die-cutting while providing robust thermal management for various applications
  • Low-outgassing compared to silicone; these pads do not contain siloxane VOCs or exhibit oil bleeding
  • Lightweight makes them ideal for applications with more delicate spacing requirements

Materials Selection & Manufacturing Expertise

Understanding an electronics product’s dimensions is crucial for selecting the appropriate thermal management materials to achieve maximum heat dissipation. As an experienced fabricator of TIMs, M&C Specialties helps customers improve their products while reducing waste. Through our expertise in material design and selection, we provide customers with thermal management materials optimized to prolong the service lives of their electronic components and systems. Our products can be delivered pre-cut to maximize the utilization of the raw material. What separates M&C Specialties from other suppliers of thermal management materials is the global reach we enjoy as a subsidiary company of ITW—a $14.1 billion, Fortune 200, global manufacturing leader with converting and fabricating operations in 20 countries. As a world-class converter, contract manufacturer, and fabricator of adhesive tapes, components, and other related finishing products, M&C Specialties leverages its Continuous Partner Involvement model to offer breakthrough product development and manufacturing and supply chain services. Our production capabilities include inline laser die-cutting, rotary die-cutting, plotter cutting, flat-bed die-cutting, laminating, spooling, slitting, laser cutting, and printing.

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